At Pappin Law our goal is to free you of your problems as early, efficiently and completely as possible. Like conducting an orchestra, Pappin Law coordinates the various tasks and Coquitlam Lawyer Adam Pappin elements needed to harmoniously and efficiently complete each case. Resolving our clients’ legal issues typically involves obtaining facts, gathering evidence, researching legislation and case law, and negotiating, mediating, arbitrating, or litigating the case as required.


Unlike so many other law firms, we don’t “fan the flames” of a dispute or problem. Doing so is self-serving and merely racks up legal fees. We will always “cut to the chase” wherever possible because our clients’ interests come first.

When you retain Pappin Law, you’re retaining an industry leader with global experience for resolving your legal issues. Adam Pappin has over 23 years of legal experience in four countries. He will take charge of your matter and discuss your options with you. You will have the final say in all pivotal decisions.