Civic Services

BC’s Civic Services Law Firm

Some types of legal work can be very complex, highly unusual or poorly paid. Understandably, law firms avoid taking on such work. However, Pappin Law is unique in providing legal services for issues that other law firms will not, or cannot handle.

Services and Assistance

The legal assistance provided by Pappin Law is often found nowhere else, and includes:

Identity Law – helping victims of identity theft, identity fraud and mistaken identity.

Global rescue – repatriating abducted children taken abroad, and adults wrongly detained or imprisoned abroad.

Natural disaster assistance – legal help with insurance, reconstruction, social services and support following a natural disaster.

Accountability – support for victims of those who abuse positions of power.

Animal Law – Assistance with issues involving pets, service animals, livestock, bloodstock, fisheries, zoological gardens, aquaria etc.

Reproduction law – support with assisted reproduction, fertility clinics, cryobanks, surrogacy, egg/sperm/embryo donor issues, declarations of parentage and non-parentage.

Environmental Protection – preventing damage to the environment.

Special Needs – legal help for those who care for special needs individuals.

Restitution – help for victims to recover compensation – at the criminal’s expense.

Toxic workplace – resolving the problems that cause employees to suffer unnecessarily. 

See the Rights Law page for legal services in support of rights guaranteed by law.

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Call Pappin Law at 604-630-5720 for assistance with a challenging or unique legal problem, especially those that other lawyers can’t help with.